The Enterprise

Nuova Omec is an enterprise which operates from over thirty years in the production of rollers for the motion in the ceramic sector and in others similar sectors. The range of rollers produced covers range of products covers all productive process, from belt conveyors of raw material to roller conveyors of final line for the motion of packaged products. All rollers can be supplied with different types of covering: polyurethane, silicon, neoprene. Nuova Omec works actively with technical office of its own customers researching new and more rational application of rollers. In 2004 Nuova Omec acquired all LanRul® company of Bologna, historical mark in rollers production, specialized in rollers for belt conveyors of unpackaged material. Through this operation it took within the know-how for the roller production for every sector, where logistic problems are present; from idle rolls to motorized and frictioned one for light, medium and heavy weight. The acquired experience in many years of activity allowed to N.O. to build itself within machines and specific equipment for its own exigences and necessities. It arranges a research and develop department and a shaping machines park which assures it complete autonomy and productive self-sufficiency, achieving to build, in addition to a wide range of standardized rollers by catalogue, but also special rollers and by customer’s drawing. The factory has an informatic system of new generation which allow it to manage the production both of small and big lots with an extreme flexibility and efficiency. It is able to product rollers with a maximum diameter up to 160mm and up to 5000mm length, drummotors up to 500mm diameter and up to 1300mm length. The staff is composed by 25 unities and by seller agents over all national territory. On rollers market Nuova Omec propose a complete range, with a reliable product with competitive prices. The great flexibility, the technical collaboration that Nuova Omec offers to the respective customer’s technical offices, a fast and efficient change service make Nuova Omec an able supplier, useful and convenient.
Nuova Omec Srl