Our range of product covers the whole productive process. We make rollers for many industrial sector, like textile, paper, glass and others.

Unit Handling

Rollers for single charges motion. For the transport lines and automatic machines. Nuova Omec offers rollers built in different materials: steel, non-oxidable steel, aluminum, and with different types of protection like galvanization, chromium, rubberization through vulcanization, rilsanization, PVC or adiprene covering.

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Bulk Handling

Rollers for single charges motion. Rollers for belt conveyors adapted to work outdoor and to resist at bad environmental condition. The models are realized in steel and mounted on bearings with technical-constructive features which allow to obtain excellent performances for the specific employ, really heavy.

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A good alternative to traditional motorization systems, the drummotor solution allow: a save in planning machine, a major reliability in the system, a faster assembly of machine. The drummotor is an innovative and advance solution.

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Dynamic warehouses

Structure in steel elements of strong thickness, wide range of galvanized rollers with precision bearings for the intensive stockage of goods at high or low rotation, specifically for goods charged on pallet but also small roller tracks for plastic boxes and containers for mounting, storage and withdrawal lines.

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CERAM rollers

The acquired experience for more than 40 years in the roller production for the ceramic industry automation has brought Nuova Omec to be a leader in rollers study and realization dedicated to this sector. CERAM rollers are studied to solve every stockage exigence and ceramic motion.

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Special rollers

Nuova Omec realizes rollers and components with special features for application and particular exigences. The tailored production distinguishes most of the complete production, availing of qualified personnel, technical knowledges and suitable machines and specific for realizing different types of products.

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